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Super H.D Nitrile 14mil Gloves 50pcs.

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Part Number: 14001-(M)14002(L)-14003(XL)

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  • Bad Boy of all Disposable Gloves ! 10" Cuff Length
  • 14mil Textured surface provides strong grip for both wet and dry applications
  • Protects hands from oil and grease
  • Great for All High Risk Jobs
These heavy duty latex-free gloves protect your hands from common chemicals found inside the garage, including but not limited to grease, engine cleaners, pesticides, detergents, and more! WORX Heavy Duty Nitrile Gloves are tear and puncture resistant, making them the ideal choice for the Working Professional. 
H.D. 14mil Disposable powder free Textured Nitrile Gloves (long Cuff) 50pcs

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